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June 30, 2014

Čau visiem!! (Hey everyone!)

Running low on time. I need to learn to use my time better with this email stuff. :) But I'll right all that I can. 

So first off, to describe the title, even though it is pretty self explanatory, it has been raining a lot. It has rained almost every day in the last week. It is crazy! We try and enjoy it, but it is a lot of wetness and cold. I like serving with Sister Mitton though when it rains. She always whistles or hums "I'm singing in the Rain." It is super cute! I love it! It is so much fun being with 3. It is always more laughter, more happiness, and just more fun. :)

So, the work in Liepaja is going well. We don't have any progressing investigators right now, but we are finding some. We found two new investigators this last week, Jānis and Alisa. Jānis is a man in his 40's who has never had parents. He doesn't believe in God, because he has always been alone. He agreed to meet with us because he is searching for answers and he has never been to our new church building. We will be meeting with him on Wednesday and I hope that all goes well. Alisa is a russian woman who speaks latvian as well, and wants to receive a Book of Mormon in Russian. After we taught her about it on the street we set up a lesson with her. She didn't come, but we have her number and will continue to try to get a hold of them. 

We do a lot of work with recent converts in our area. It is very rewarding to help them. We are meeting with 4 recent converts right now. Lelde was baptized in January. She is 19 and has had a really hard past and still has a very hard life right now. She is very solid in her faith and belief in God and just recently fully commited herself to God and this church. She has received a lot of opposition from family but stands strong anyways. She sent us several text messages last night telling us how her grandma doesn't want her to come to church anymore. We told her she got to choose what she did. Well, she told us that it doesn't matter what people say, she is converted to God and she will do all that he has asked her to do. She is such a champ! Ilze was baptized in April. She is super solid. She studies the scriptures for hours every day. She is amazing! She loves learning and has great deep questions. She has really learned though how to find answers for herself. Skaidrīte was baptized in May. She is wonderful. She was never much of a church attender before baptism, but continues to testify that she know she has found her real church, that is the only true church on earth. She just finished the Book of Mormon and started again all on her own because she is striving to understand and apply it all. Last, but not least, is Viktorija who was also baptize in May. She is 11 and is a fireball! She is very loved by the branch and we love her a lot! We have to get creative with her lessons to help her keep learning, but she is learning and the members have taken her under wing.

Well, for the highlights of the week, Monday night was the branch Līgo party! That was a blast. We started by making the traditional hair wreaths. The woman wear braided ones made from long grasses and flowers! They are really pretty and fun to make. I made several of them. One for myself and then for several people that asked for them. It was fun to make them.I'll send a picture of one of them. :) The men make these big ones from Oak leaves! they are huge and look like big manes on the heads! I don't have a picture, but I'm sure you could google it. :)

Before that for preparation day, we spent time just walking around and having fun as companions. We had a blast. I love being with my companions. We went and some some old forts. I am  not sure what they were used for, but they are hidden in hills. They are big long tunnels that are huge! It was cool!!! We spent a little time exploring them, but not long, because it is a common place for smokers and drinkers to hang out. That was not fun. But, it was beautiful and I got some beautiful pictures of the Latvian scenery. Sister Mitton also decorated Sister Ormsby's hair with flowers which was fun. :)

We had a zone meeting in Riga this week as well. That was great because we got to see President and Sister Boswell. That is probably my last time seeing them. It was good to see them. I love them a lot and I'm going to miss them immensely! I haven't met the new mission president yet, but I hope to meet President and Sister Harding soon. :)

Well, I just wanted to share a thought about gratitude this week. I have been studying conference, which I love, and spent a good deal of time on President Uchtdorf's talk. I look up every scripture they cite as I read the talk. It takes a while, but I get a lot more out of it. It is about not being grateful for things, but being grateful in circumstances. I really like it a lot and would encourage you to read it. Well, I found one scripture while reading it that I love that I want to share. Doctrine and Convenants 98:1 "Verily I say unto you my friends, fear not, let your hearts be comforted; yea, rejoice evermore, and in everything that they shall be granted." I know that if we are grateful in everything the Lord will bless us. Read the talk and pay attention to the blessings. One of the blessings that I love is we will be given true love and great happiness. I have seen this in missionary work and I am working to strive this characteristic. I love you all!

Have a great week!!


Māsa Klauvarda

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