Sunday, September 28

April 28, 2014

Ģimenei un draugiem (To family and friends)

As you can tell by the title, this week was great! It flew by. I really enjoyed it. It had it's ups and downs of course, but it ended well. First off, i have good news! It is about Skaidrite! I'll let you read that first.

Skaidrite: She is back, and wants more than ever to be baptized! We decided to do a drop by with the member Lilita who is a great friend. The drop by was on Tuesday, and went really well. She said she was happy to see us and had us come in. Before we even sat down or prayed, Lilita goes at her! It was awesome! She said, "What is going on Skaidrite? Why aren't you meeting with the masas anymore?" And then Skaidrite pours out her concerns, which Lilita so perfectly resolved. We had told Lilita before hand what are thoughts were about her concerns and what we wanted to say. Well, Lilita did it all. Skaidrite's biggest reason for not meeting with us anymore was that she was told by her relatives that we force people to pay half of her money to the church. She heard that and freaked out! Well, Lilita took care of it all, and we ended the lesson with Skaidrite ready to move on. She had a big desire to keep learning. We taught her tithing and than did a baptismal interview. She had the interview with Elder Webb on Sunday morning. He had a few small concerns about her testimony, which we will review this week. Mostly he said she has a testimony, but that it needs to be strengthened. We had a meeting with her last night. We asked her how she felt that she was going to have to wait longer to be baptized. She said that she felt good, and that she really wants to be baptized. We can see it in her eyes. She really has a stong desire to be baptized. We will meet with her this week and keep encouraging her. She'°ll be baptized in the next few weeks. She also has been fellowshipped very well, and this sunday, she is going to pay tithing. She was planning on doing it her first sunday after baptism, and even though she isn't getting baptized this Saturday, she still wanted to pay her tithing and fast offerings. It was so cute!

Also, update on my sweet little Viktorija. I love this little girls. I have a picture of me and her together. I wish I was allowed to send it home. I know that she and I will definately keep in touch after the mission. She is such a great example to me of really loving the gospel. The members here love her and she is still so excited to be baptized! She talks about it all the time and now has decided that she wants to get baptized in the ocean. What a sweet little girl! Here is her update

Viktorija: It has been rough because we are trying to work with the family as well, and we just haven't seen any response from her mom or dad. We are going to put more focus on Viktorija on these last weeks before baptism. We are hopefully going to meet with her and her family this tuesday with the Ščerbinini family (this is the family of the branch president). She still comes to church every week on her own.

We also got three new investigators this week. One I talked with when I was with Sister Ormsby on the exchange. She is a mother with two kids. We hopefully will have her lesson tonight. The other two are twin girls that called us. Missionaries have met with their mother in the past, but their mother is a little crazy! The girls as well, are going through a hard time. They were put in a physcological hopsital. We aren't sure why. I talked with one at the beginning of our time here and she was wonderful! They are there for a week to two weeks. Before they were put in the hopsital they talked with one of the elders on the street who gave them our number. They called us and said that they would like to meet and learn more about our church. Well, between the time they set up the meeting and when the meeting rolled around they were hospitalized. So, we went with Liene (a recent convert who also had some time in that hospital due to depression). Liene was a big help. We are going to go back this week and try to figure out how accountable they are. We are pretty positive they are accountable, but they are just going through some things.

So in general I am still loving the work. I know that this is the work of the Lord and I am glad that I am about it. I have really learned these last weeks that Satan is strong. He will do all he can to get us down, but I know that he can't if we don't let him. We must fight and endure to the end. I know that this life is the time to meet God. It is important to strive daily to do better and work hard to be able to live with God again. Sometimes is it hard because we can't see the growth, but I know that it is there. We must just look at a bigger time frame. As we look out and ourselves with prayer combined with really searching. We will see the growth. We can continue that growth daily as we read the scriptures, pray to our Heavenly Father, keep the commandments, and attend church. We'll make mistakes as we try, but thanks to our Savior, Jesus Christ, we can repent and keep going. I know this is truth, for I have seen it in my time as a missionary. I love this work. Keep up the support! 

Māsa Klauvarda

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