Sunday, May 4

February 3, 2014


So this week is transfer weeks and as you can tell by my title, I will not be in Imanta next transfer! AH!! Crazy!! I also will not be training! I found out a weird way too. Usually we find out from our district leaders where we will be going. But this time, I found out in my email from President Boswell. I still don't know who I will be serving with, but I will be headed to Liepaja!! The Lord apparently has some work I need to do in Liepaja that is for me, because both President Boswell and I both felt I would be going there. :) Here I my thoughts to President Boswell.

"I was a little surprised to read here where I would be going, but I wasn't surprised that I would be going to Liepaja. I did both of my exchanges there the last two transfers, and it felt like home. I knew I wouldn't be staying in Imanta, as much as I want to. I am glad and looking forward to the work in Liepaja. It is a great place, and I already know several members and love them. I really am looking forward to it. I know both Madara and Santa (they are returned missionaries in Liepaja that I am supposed to get to know really well) already and have worked with them when I've been on exchanges. I will take the lessons I learned here with me to Liepaja, and keep the fire of missionary work burning. Now I am just curious as to who I will be privileged to work with.
"I am excited for Sister Mitton to stay [in Imanta]. The members already love her, and I know she will do great. I know it will continue to be a challenge, but I have confidence in her, as well as I know that this is where the Lord wants her to be. I hope she feels ready for the work, but I know that she will do that in this area, that is supposed to be done. I am glad that she will be able to continue with Emīls and Paula."

I am definatley going to miss the members in this area. I love them so much! I have done a lot for them, but even more than that. They have done a lot for me! I also will miss working with Emīls and Paula, but I know Sister Mitton will be wonderful for them!!

So, about the area, since this is my last time writing about it. Things are going well. Our next few days are packed with lessons with members. We are going to get them acquainted with the branch goals and challenge them to start thinking about who they are going to share the gospel with. I really do love the members in this area. They are so great, and are already feeling the desire to share the gospel, now we just need to help them find opportunities. 

Linda, Inga's daughter (a less active's daughter), was at church yesterday. She surprised us and came with her mom! It is great! She told us that she is going to come every Sunday that she doesn't have to work (which is once or twice a month)! I also asked her when we could meet with her. We are hopefully going to meeting with her and Inga this Thursday. She loves the text messages (we send her text with Book of Mormon verses), and has started to respond back with her little thoughts about them. So, maybe also that way, we can teach her some concepts of the gospel. I hope that reading these verses will help her gain a desire to read the Book of Mormon on her own so she can find her own scripture gems.

Paula and Emīls unfortunately were not able to come to church. They went with dad's girlfriend to visit their grandma. Paula was actually very dissappointed that she wasn't able to come and I know she'll come next week. Emīls has read 12 chapters (as of Friday) and Paula still was at 11. It is great to hear that they are finding the opportunity to read, and are enjoying the reading. Emīls and Paula both said that they enjoyed that which they are reading and learning about. They also each have their own Book of Mormons that they have made their own (and surprisingly, Emīls really personalized his)! I love those kids, and by the guidance of Sister Mitton and her new companion, the challenge will continue. I know that I will continue to read from where I am at, but I also know that the kids are happy to read and keep racing each other.

Dita (a recent convert) shared a wonderful experience on Sunday about her family respecting her desires and beliefs about the Word of Wisdom and not drinking with her there. That was such a great testimony to hear! They even let her pray with them! Their hearts are softening, and we will be talking with her on Wednesday about what we can do to continue to help that process.

I challenge you to all go out this week, and share the love and joy of the gospel. Whether that is simply through service or in a bigger way, I challenge you all to go and share! I love you much and I am glad that I get to be out here. Don't be afraid to brighten someone's day by telling the a truth about the gospel. 

Ar mīlestību un lūgšanām,
Māsa Klauvarda

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