Sunday, May 4

February 24, 2014

Low on time! Sister Training leader responsibilities take up more time. I'll try to write clear and say all I want to say. I need to apologize up front for not sending good replies to everyone. I will try to do better, but the time really just go so fast for email! It just isn't long enough. 

This last week was Mission Leadership Conference and I loved it! We got together for one day as Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders and talked about mission goals and learned how to better work with members. The next day we added District leaders to the mix (it only happens with district leaders twice a year) and we learned how to be better leaders! I learned so much, but I can't even begin to share it all!! I just know so strongly that the Lord guides the work and we have success when we do it with him in his way. Here are my thoughts to President Boswell about Mission Leadership Counsel:

"Thanks for the wonderful leadership conference that you and the assistants put together. I learned a ton, and left feeling so uplifted and inspired. I loved my first opportunity to meet together with the leadership and get to know many more amazing missionaries. I am truly blessed to be in this mission where obedience is a priority and we are focused and work together. I love the unity that we feel in this mission. It is truly a blessing to be here. I know I have learned a lot and will continue to learn."

Updates on our investigators and the work in the branch as well as some miracles!! :D

"As far as with Aija. We were unable to visit with her this last week, unfortunately, but we are looking forward to meeting with her this week. She has some questions about the Book of Mormon. Sister Scott and I applied the advice and counsel learned at leadership meeting, and picked a member that we thought would be good. We called her and explained why we thought she would be good to help us and asked her what time she had available to help. We wrote those down, and know we are just waiting to hear from Aija about what time will work. The ideas and counsel given of how to work better with members is really working!

"This week was full of miracles for us! It is always hard when you have to be out of the area, but we made a goal to really put our efforts into our area wholeheartedly and work for Saturday and Sunday. Our work, however, did not lead to the numbers, but the Lord provided. We had 5 investigators at church and we got one new investigator. They were not directly connected to our work at all. It was interesting to see how the Lord provides. The investigators at church were Dzintars and Iveta and their three kids (two who are baptismal age). This is Sister Smith's family. It had been decided to give them a break, so we didn't invited them to church. Instead, a member, went out of her way to be a great missionary and invited them to church. They came and stayed all three hours and were well befriended by the members. We asked them if we could meet this week, and they said they would think about it. We don't want to push too hard, but they still have a lot of hope.

"The fifth investigator at church was also a new investigator. She is a girl about 10 years old who walked into English on Saturday. She saw the sign that we put outside the church to advertise and said that she wanted to come. We wanted to go about this different then with Kitija, so we asked Sister Š (branch president's wife and president of primary) to call up the mom and explain what Vikotrija (the little girl) has been learning and explain that we would like to meet with her so she could learn more. The mom had her about our church and actually had very good open feelings about us! Apparently some of her relatives are inactive members! We are going to work on figuring out who those relatives are and get in contact with them. Well, this member set up a lesson for us this Wednesday and gave us some ideas for members who could help (the member is unable to help). We are very excited for this! The Lord provides when we work hard.

"Other than that, that was about it for this week. I am enjoying working here in Liepaja. The branch is growing, and branch counsel was really good yesterday. I am grateful and excited for your counsel and I'm getting ready to take it and do it! Thanks again for your help, love, and counsel."

Something else I did this week was sang a SOLO!! My first solo ever with an audience, but it was so fun! I loved it. We teach free English once a week and Sister Scott had an idea that I could sing a solo as a spiritual thought. It was a good idea and really invited the spirit. Both the members and nonmembers who attended liked it and really felt the spirit. Sister Scott and I are now planning our finding and teaching tools around this. I am also in about two weeks singing in a quartet with two elders and a member. It will be fun and I am looking forward to it. I have never considered myself a good singer, but I am glad that I can use my talents to bless others. It is a wonderful gift!

I am so grateful that the Lord trusts us (all members!!! Everyone!) to do his work. He leads it and it is truly HIS work. We just must decide if we are going to help him with it or not. I love being a missionary and I am so grateful that I am in this mission. There is not other mission or place I would rather be right now. I know that I am doing the work of the Lord in the place that he needs me to be. I know that as I keep working hard, that I will be able to help many to follow Christ by helping them to enter the waters of baptism. I hope that you are all sharing the gospel the best you can. Please remember that I love you. You are all wonderful and I am glad that I know you all! Have a great week and go and make someone's day!! :D I love you more than words can express.

Ar mīlestību, lūgšanām un visu, ko jums vajag!!!
Māsa Klauvarda!!

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