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February 10, 2014

Čau visiem!!
Es ceru, ka jums bija laba nedēļa!! (I hope you had a good week!)
So, by title of the email, you can tell that I had some bg changes in my missionary work here. I am in Liepaja (which is the farthest a latvian speaker can serve). I love it! It is a cute little costal town, that reminds me of Rexburg, because it is so windy!! 
I am also Sister Training Leader which is looking to be fun, but a little crazy!!! We will travel a lot, but we are going to stay in our area as much as possible. My companion is Sister Scott. She is from Ohio. She is wonderful! She is two transfers ahead of me and the older Lativan sister in the mission. She is a great example and is a very successful, hardworking missionary. I am priveldged to be able to work with her and I know I will learn a ton!! I love this work so much! Here are my thoughts to President Boswell about the week:

"I am excited to be Sister Training Leader, but even more so, to work in Liepāja, and help this area and branch out. I really think some great things can happen here soon. Sister Scott is amazing, and I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunity he has given me to work with her. 

"I am still learning about this area, but from what I can see, there is a lot to do. I am looking forward to doing it all, and being a good worker. Sister Scott adn I are making the area our first priority. She has so many great ideas, and I am truly pleased that I have the opportunity to work with her and learn from her. 

"We have set some great transfer goals to give us some focus. We are really going to working on finding some solid baptismal dates for this transfer. We just had a baptism, and handed off a lot of progressing investigators to the Elders, so we are starting on ground zero, but by the end of the transfer we have a goal to have 3 solid baptismal dates in our area. We understand that this means there are going to be a lot of different baptismal dates in between, and that we are going to have to work hard every minute that we are in our area. 

"Lelde, our recent convert (she was baptized 2 weeks ago, she has had a rough past, but has come through a lot. SHe has a 4 year old daughter and she herself is 18. She lives on her own and is really actually incredible!!!!), has been going through some rough stuff. She is full of drama and makes life exciting, but sadly, I feel like she attracts drama. Her little sister Ksenija is the biggest worry and stress for her a lot of the time. She is 15. She has also had a very rough background like Lelde. It is hard. When I was on an exchange with Sister Peterson we had a lesson with Lelde and Ksenija came. She didn't believe in God, and was very stubborn. She has jsut been trhough a lot of hard stuff, and she is in the phase of her life where she likes to say no, because she wants to be independent and have a mind of her own. She has been reading everything that Lelde will give her to read (including the Book of Mormon) and came to sacrament meeting yesterday. She also though, has big word of wisdom problems, as well as she is has a 31 year old boyfriend. The boyfriend was over at Ledle's house, and caused some problems. We don't know everything that happened, but we do know that now Lelde has been diagnosed with a concussion and is stuck in bed for 8 days. She's stressed, and we hope we can help her out.

"We got 5 new investigators this week as well, which was wonderful! Sister Scott is teaching me how to talk to everyone! She's amazing at that. She also is super great at finding something that they would be interested in so that we can help them see more of who we are and what we believe. Of the new investigators, the one with the most potential is Jānis. Sister Scott talked to him for about two hours on the way from Rīga to Liepāja this last week. They talked for two hours and would like to hear more. He has a Book of Mormon and we are happy to help him out. He used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, but has gotten him self to only seven cigarettes, and we are excited to help him quit overall, which he wants to do. 

"Also, we talked to an athiest named Edijs this last week. It was a great teaching moment for me and Sister Scott. Mostly I am jsut excited by how well and smooth we taught together, and by the end of the teaching moment, he was curios to know if God could really be there. :) It was wonderful. We'll see what happens."

Another thought about Edijs. (like Eddy) It was truly a miracle teaching moment. I loved it! The night before while planning, I told Sister Scott that I thought we needed to find a upper 20's (28-30) year old man who has no girlfriend, kids, and is lost in life and doesn't know what to do. Well, I thought about that all day, but it didn't happen. We didn't talk to anyone who fit that, until Edijs (who was the last person we talked to that day!) He fit the profile perfectly! We talked about why it is important to have faith in God and how he can find that. It was a great conversation. I really liked it! It was fun to teach so smoothly with Sister Scott and help Edijs. We really focused on him. It was great!

Well, I'm almost out of time! I love you all so much! Just know that I love you. I am so greatful to be a missionary! I know this is the Lord's work and I know that he is hastening it. Dad told me about the news with several big family history comanies combining with the church and that just gave me chills! This will be really big for family history work! The Lord truly is hastening the work! It is incredible! I invite you all to join in in some way. Look into our church, strenghten you faith in Christ, and share that which you have!

I love you all! (Es jūs visus mīlu!)
Māsa Klauvarda

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