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October 7, 2013

Hey everyone! So, I'm an aunt!! I'm going to apologize right up front that this will be short, because I'm an aunt and I'm too busy admiring pictures of my twin nieces. :) But here is what I wrote to my mission president about my week. 
"A (our bible bashing investigator), we are working on a baptismal date. We talk about baptism a lot and he isn't rejecting it, but he has a lot of things that he says he needs to resolve before baptism. He also doesn't have a testimony of prophets and the Book of Mormon yet. But he did say he would read it every day. Our last lesson with him was interesting. Looking back, our lesson didn't go at all where planned and could have been considered a failure, but Sister B and I were talking about it afterward and we both said that we felt that strongest sense of peace the whole lesson. That we were going in the right direction and that everything was going to be okay. The commitment ended up just having him choose how much of the Book of Mormon he would read a day. He said that he would do a chapter a day! That was good to hear because he picked the amount himself so I really think that he will do it. 
Also, a little miracle with our Less Active member. We have been working with her for a while and try to help her have the drive to be worthy to go to the temple again. It has been rough at times and we haven't always known what to do, but just felt like continuing having spiritually uplifting lessons. Sure enough, it seems to have worked. This last week at our lesson she told us how she had just told the branch president that she had no desire to go to the temple again (her temple recommend expires soon) and so she didn't need a temple recommend. She said she had done all the work for her ancestors that she could and there would be no need to go back. Well, that very week, she said that she received a miracle, which was that the spirit of Elijah (her words) had helped her to remember one more name and date that she had forgotten!! After she looked up more information for that and got it recorded she called her dad and told him about it. She had asked him for info in the past but he always said that he didn't remember, but she asked him again anyways, and he remember a ton! She collected another 20 names! So, now she says that she has no excuse. She has to start getting herself back to the temple. And I think she will do it! The spirit of Elijah is real and active.
Well, I'm excited for this new transfer. (little update; last week was transfer week. Sister B and I will be together for one more transfer. I will finish up her training and we are so excited! ) Sister B did well with our last goals, and we are sad that we didn't get the baptism. We were so close more than once, but we did get some really good relations started with the members in our area and we know that that is helping a ton and a few members have been sharing family proclamations with their friends and families. We are going to keep working with this and helping those seeds grow.
We have a goal this transfer to really focus on getting a hold of former investigators and inviting them to meet with us again. WE hope that that will lead to some fruits. We are especially focusing on those who were still interested when the missionaries stopped meeting with them and simply lost contact and see what we can do. We really hope that this will lead to some fruits and that we will really be able to find some progressing investigators."
Questions really fast from Brittany:
What is the weather like in Latvia? Do you have the same season, at the same time, as here? The weather is pretty similar to at home but a little colder and more wet. The seasons are at the same time, but in my opinion, are more distinct here. You can clearly tell the difference between fall and summer and it is beautiful!! The trees here are beautiful in the fall! I hope I'll be able to get pictures that I am allowed to send
Are there any cultural clothing or certain type of patterns that is popular there? They do have cultural outfits that they wear during the dance and singing festival but I don't know much about it. Look up Latvian Dance and singing festival or Ligo on Google and you'll see some. Flower wreaths are common thing to wear at festival times here. 

So, that is that. Sorry this isn't longer, but I have quite a few emails to reply to! Love you all!! Remember the church is true and we are led by a prophet today!! :)

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