Sunday, February 9

October 28, 2013

Hey everyone! 
So to explain the title. I am no longer with Sister B only in Imanta. As of this week, we are now the only Latvian speaking missionaries in all of Pārdaugava. When looking at a map of Rīga, there is a river that divides it in half. And the whole left side of the River is now mine and Sister B's area. It is two areas combined and it is HUGE. We will have this for two and a half weeks until the end of the transfer. Why? Because the senior couples in the office are gone. One couple went home a week ago, and then the other, the Elder blew out his knee and so they are both going home and no going back. So, they are taking a Senior couple out of Lithuania and putting them in the office with Elder Massy who was our district leader in this area. So, Elder Massy's companion is now in center with another Elder and Sister B and I got gifted a new area. We are really excited for the opportunity, we are just going to be really busy. We are the only Latvian missionaries on this side, so we will be doing exchanges every Tuesday and Thursday to teach English because there are two Latvian classes. So we each will teach them with a Russian sister helping the best they can. :) It will be a great adventure!! 
Here is what I wrote President Boswell this week:
"This week was a much better week. Why? We started talking to everyone. It has made a huge difference! We didn't realize we weren't doing it before, but we talked about how we can turn our finding around and we realized there were times when we were outside that we weren't talking to people. We've been working on it and it has been a huge help. Thank you for the suggestion. 
"So for us this week, we are excited for the responsibility of being the only missionaries in Pārdaugava. We know it will be hard, but we are looking forward to the challenge. Two areas can be a lot of work, but we know the Lord will help us magnify our time as we try to plan effectively. We are definitely looking forward to getting to know more members and teach more investigators. We know that this won't be easy, but it will be worth it. We are going to be busy, but it will be so good. Thanks for the confidence you have bestowed in us. 
"So, for A (bible basher), he has stopped progressing. He did come to church on Sunday, but only stayed for an hour and admitted that he hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon. He said that he isn't going to pray if it is true, because there is no need for that. He reads it looking to disprove it. We are not sure how to help him anymore. We are going to have a lesson with him where we are going to lay out the missionary purpose and the commitments we ask of people to fit in with that purpose. We hope that he will see why we are meeting with us and we want to determine if he is really interested anymore or simply just wants to have discussions about his ideas from the bible.
"So, for our new investigators. We have K. He is young, and in college. He sounded really interested in the Book of Mormon and while we were talking about it we asked him how he felt. He said good. We testified that was the Holy Ghost. He has a real desire to read the Book. He canceled our second appointment though, and we are still working on getting another one set up. We also have invited him to family night and we are hoping he will come. 
"We also talked to a really young boy, Ar and gave him a Book of Mormon. He said he thinks it would be cool if his family hear about the gospel and we set up a second meeting with him. That also fell through, but we do have his address and are planning on maybe dropping by sometime this week and talking to his parents about the gospel. 
"Our third new investigator was I. She is a young mom of two kids who found God in her life about 6 months ago with her husband's help. When she was little she didn't believe and her husband is very believing and has helped her find the truth. We have a second meeting with her on Tuesday, and when we called today to confirm she sounded pretty excited to meet with us. We are really looking forward to that meeting." 
So for questions:
Does the Fall weather bring back memories of Rexburg Falls?  Does Fall there smell like Fall here? Yes, it brings back memories of Rexburg falls, but honestly, I think falls are prettier here! The colors are so much more vibrant! It is absolutely beautiful here in the fall! That is one thing about Latvia. They have very distinct seasons and each season perfectly fits in as it should be. The summers are very green and warm, the fall is cool and colorful, and we'll see how winter and spring hold up, but I've heard nothing, but good! I can't wait!! So, winter hasn't really started yet, but I am not as scared about winter as I was originally. Why? From what Latvians tell me, it sounds the same as what it is in Rexburg. The only difference it sounds like to me, is it will be very dark. When November rolls around it will be very dark around here. That is going to be hard to get used to. 
So, that is all I think I have for this week. I hope you know I know that this church is true. This is the only way to get back to God after this life. It is a great thing to be able to have this guidance that we have. Without the gospel in my life, I know I would be very confused and lost. What an incredible opportunity to know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves and looks after me. I also have an older brother who showed the perfect example to know how to live in this life. If we follow his example we never have to doubt what to do in the life. I hope you all realize what a blessing it is to have the gospel. If you haven't realized that, or don't have the gospel in your life, please look into it. Talk with missionaries and ask them how you can find the joy in your life that can come from the gospel. I promise, they will have the answers. Do everything they ask you to do and the joy will come! I promise because I have seen in my life and in the lives of others I am working with!°
I love you all!!!
Sister Cloward

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