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November 25, 2013

Hello all!
Yes, this week is thanksgiving. I am not sure what thanksgiving day is going to hold for me, but I am looking forward to finding out. There is a possibility of being invited to a senior couple's house, but also maybe just doing something as a district in Imanta. I guess we'll see and I'll write about it next week. So, this week was an interesting week. I wrote about how last week we came off of a spiritual feast with tons of new goals to try. Well, Elder Bennett said as well, that when we try to improve, that there is a trial of our faith. Why? To make us stronger of course. The Lord tests us to make sure we are really going to do what we say we will and when we do, we get blessings and are strengthened. Just sometimes the trial of faith is a week long (or more, we'll see if it continues this week), and then comes the relief and blessings. So, with that preface, here is what I wrote President Boswell about our week this week:

"I am particularly focusing on just being exactly obedient, with really focusing on time use and study habits. I want to be a preach my gospel and missionary handbook missionary, and I know that I am not quite yet what I could be. I am just starting by figuring out the small things that I could be doing better and applying them there. 

"Well, because of the work that Sister M and I have been doing to be able to improve, we know that we are experiencing a trial of our faith. This last week was a lot harder than a lot of weeks on my mission. I know that you can probably see that with our numbers. Our investigator pool has dried up, and we know that we are going to have to be even more diligent to find and refind those people who will be baptized before the end of the year. We know that there are three prepared in this area. We also know we are being challenged to see if we can keep going. I can commit to you that we are not only going to continue working hard, but we are going to keep adding new things to continue becoming better. I know that it could be a challenge, but I look forward to it. 

"So, as far as investigators, we really have lost everyone. We are starting from scratch, but we do have several members in our area who are really trying to share the gospel, so I know something can come from that. We are going to be diligent and really work to get with these members and help them share the gospel. I know that it will be hard, but it will be worth the effort. We also are working on always teaching. Every moment is a teaching moment. 

"So, with Ag, the good news is, she is still meeting with missionaries. Ivi talked to her and after a few days convinced her to meet with missionaries again, but she didn't want to meet with sisters. So, (the zone leaders) are working with her now. I know that they had a lesson with her this past week, so I hope all goes well this next time around. I told them about your suggestions with the family, and I hope that they can take them to heart and really do those things they need to do to bring the family along with Ag."

So, Ag was the investigator who dropped us a week ago, and while it did hurt to hear that she didn't want to meet with us anymore, I know that the Elders will be able to help her, and I am simply excited that she will get to take advantage of the gospel and the blessing that are here!

So, there were a lot of other firsts this week that were interesting. First off, there was a big tragedy here in Latvia this last week. On Thursday night (we found out Friday morning), a Maxima here (that is a super market that is common here) collapsed. Well, the roof collapsed. It was no small accident here. It happened here in Riga, in an area called Zolitude, which is actually right next to our area (about a 20 minute walk away). 52 people died. It was really sad, and all of Riga has been in mourning ever since. They have all the latvian flags at half mass, and all the latvians have their flags out with a black ribbon on them. The black ribbon is in respect for those that passed away. So, that was a first that was really hard. Sadly, there was nothing we could do to help. We did offer our help, but the emergency personnel had it under control.

It was also really fun because we had a lot of fog this past week. It was super eery, but I really liked it! Also, today we got our first snow!!! It was awesome!! I just loved it! It didn't stick, but hopefully soon we'll have snow for good! I can't wait!! I am so stoked for it.

Well, i am almost out of time. Here are a few questions. :)


-Do you ride mass transportation?  We know you have ridden the train, but we don’t know much about the train.  Tell us about it.  Do you ride the bus around town? Is there a subway?  Do you walk a lot?  Are there taxis and do you ever use them?  Do the Latvians ride bikes much?

---okay so for transportation here, we take public transportation. There are three main types of public transportation. Busses (just a regular big bus), trolley busses (a bus that has to be connected to wires) and trams (which are like a trolley bus, but on tracks, it also has to be connected to wires). Those are the main type of public transport we take. Trains are used to go between city to city as well as they have travel busses that are used. I have taken taxis. We take them when we need to take luggage somewhere (so usually at transfers). Otherwise, we walk everywhere and we walk a TON here. :) i am in really good shape. Latvians do like to ride bikes and they do ride them a lot. 

-How often do you eat out for your midday meal?  For dinner?  Do you go home for those meals most of the time?  How far do you travel from home during the day?  Is it even logistically possible to go home? 

---We eat our own meals at home everyday. We usually just do a big lunch/dinner for time sake and take snacks to eat later. We only eat out on preparation days. We don't travel to far from home on most days, but occasionally we go to center which is 30 minutes away from us with bus. But this week we will be going to Jurmala which is a train ride away. We have a potential investigator out there.

Well, that is all i have time for today. I love you all! Enjoy the holidays this week! Eat lots of turkey, because I might not be getting any, unless i get invited to a senior couple's house or a member's house. So, yeah. :) I love the holidays and we are going to work just as hard and make it incredible!!!
Ar mīlestību un lūgšanām,
Māsa Klauvarda

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