Sunday, October 12

July 14, 2014

Svecināti! (Greetings!)

It was a great week that seemed to fly by, and drag at the same time, but a lot of great things  happened this week!! It got hot, but we survived and the cool, rainy weather is back. Good old classic Latvia. :)

This week was a blast! To describe the heading, the week seemed to fly by! Also, we flew kites!! :D The title seems to fit the week. It was so much fun! I sent some pictures home. It was fun to just sit and relax and laugh as my companions attempted to get our half broken dollar store kite in the air. It was really great! :D

Also the week went very well with the missionary work. We got a new investigator! We are also working with three investigators total and one has a baptismal date! Here is what I wrote President about it:

"We have three investigators that we are working with right now. First off, there is Gundega who is a new investigator from this week, as well as a member referral. She was referred by her friend and recent convert Skaidrīte. We had our first meeting on Saturday with her and she is already very prepared for the gospel. She is really looking to find out more. She has never been baptized, but thought of it for a long time. She is very sincere and came to church for the first time yesterday, for three hours and enjoyed it very much. She will be preparing to get baptized on August 30.
"Our other two investigators are Andris and Gita. They are the cute family we contacted last week. Andris is a very converted Russian Orthodox and Gita is a Lutheran (she is not very strong in that church, and also doesn't fully agree with Andris's beliefs). They have desires to read. Andris is very loud and very quick to pose opposition to what is said, but has true desire to understand. Gita is very quiet, but by her facial expressions and body signals we can tell that she doesn't completely agree with all that her husband believes. She also has read more of the Book of Mormon than Andris has."

It is really fun about Gundega because she is a member referral. That is how missionary work is supposed to be done if it is done perfectly. It should be the members finding and inviting their friends and the full time missionaries doing the teaching. That is how the Lord is going to hasten his work. I know that it is the members' responsibility to find and the missionaries responsibility to teach.

Also, I met President Harding this week! He and his wife are amazing and I know that they are meant to be my mission president and mission president's wife. I know that President Harding and the relationship I form with him will forever effect my future, since he works for the church doing family history! He works for the church helping them get records online. He works with countries in eastern europe to work out a deal so that they will allow us to digitize their records! It is great! That is my dream job. If I could do anything I want to do what he does for the Baltic countries!! I really hope that I could do that, but I know that it is a tender mercy from Heavenly Father that he is my mission president. 

I don't know what else to say, except that I love the work. Keep writing me! I want to know how everyone is doing! It can sometimes be hard to focus because I only have three months of mission left!!! AH!! but the letters help me focus. So, write away! :D I particullarly love when they are handwritten. They are so much fun to read. I know that we are all a part of God's eternal family. I love him and I know he loves and supports us. He just asks us to work and do that which has set forth and as we do that, he will bless us immensly. I know this is truth.

Lai jums jauka nedēļa! (Have a nice week!)

Māsa Klauvarda

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