Sunday, October 12

August 11, 2014

Čau manai ģimenei, draugiem un visiem parējiem, (Hey to my family, friends, and all the rest)

I hope you had a wonderful week. I know my week was enjoyable. It was filled with missionary work, work, and more work, but that is my favorite thing!!! I really do love this work. ;) We are working hard, and the Lord is blessing us with miracles!!
This week we have continued meeting with Gundega to help her progress towards baptism. We are meeting with her three times a week to help her progress. It is so enjoyable. It is such a joyful process to help someone find faith in God and Christ and learn how to come unto them. We have seen so many changes and a joy come into her life. She has been doing well with smoking. She messed up yesterday, but felt very bad, but said she is done. We are going to her house tonight and we're going to put pictures up all over and help invite the spirit into her home more. We know that by having the spirit more with her will help her resist those temptations. 

We also have been meeting with Agija from English class. We love that woman! She is so incredible. She is a garden designer and does the designs on her computer as well as she gives massages in her home. She is so bright, and very in tune to the spirit. She isn't super religious in the way that she doesn't claim a church, but she believes in God and tries to do all that is right in her life. She is so cute and such a sweetie. She looks 26, but told us she is actually 35! That through us off guard, but all in all, she is a great person that we love to meet with. We just hope that we can help her see and understand why it is important to be baptized and how waiting is not a good idea.

So, I've had a few people ask me about what I do now with Sister Training Leader and what being a trainer is. So, I'm training a new sister and I am sister training leader, both. As a trainer, I help a new sister for 12 weeks learn how to be a PMG missionary. I am an example to her as well as I help her learn the language. I also am Sister Training Leader, which means I help train all the Latvian speaking sisters, by going on exchanges with them and in other circumstances. I also help with the training for our whole Latvian speaking zone of 21. I teach at zone meetings and help reinforce afterwards. I really enjoy it. I also as Sister Training Leader go to meetings once a month to a council meeting where I help decide things that are needed for the mission. I really enjoy the extra opportunity to serve.

So, last Monday we had a blast. We went as our whole district of 8 missionaries and enjoyed time in with one of the branch members. She took us to the forest next to her house where we went on a walk together. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. I really love the members. It was also super nice to spend time in Latvia's beautiful nature. I really loved it! We saw some swans and there five babies as well as got eaten a little bit by some Latvian mosquitoes. Yes, those pests live EVERYWHERE!!! But, it was just an enjoyable day all together.

Also, this week we have had many beautiful thunderstorms with lighting and pounding rain! I love the storms here. They are just so beautiful. I love thunder here in Latvia because it sounds a little different. Without the mountains to echo off of, thunder is very sharp, loud, and clear. I love it! 

We had a miracle this week I wanted to share. We were at the church after a lesson and were about to lock the building up, when this woman and her 60ish year old mother come in. They wanted to look around, so we started showing them around the church. It was so great! They were very open and very friendly. But the story gets better! While we are talking to them, another man comes in. He says, "I'm looking for a new branch to join, can i come this sunday to church and look into joining?" It was so out of the blue. We told him what time church was. Well, anyways, it was really great to see how the Lord puts people where they need to be. I know that that is fact. The Lord works miracles in this, His work.  He puts prepared people in the path of prepared servants. That is a promise for any and all of his children. As we prepare ourselves spiritually, we can help others spiritually as well, so, let's do our part. Prepare yourselves spiritually so that you can help others find Christ in their lives!

I love you all. I hope you all have a great week!!!! :D know that I pray for you and that The Lord is running your lives. He loves you and you can depend on Him.

Ar mīlestību,

Māsa Klauvarda

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