Tuesday, August 6

August 5, 2013

Čau visiem! (hey to all)

I hope you all doing well and this letter find you happily enjoying your summer. :) I am glad that I get this email today. I love preparation days and I'm excited for a relaxing one today. We are just going to enjoy some time off and maybe do a little shopping. 

This last week hasn't been super eventful. We didn't teach as much this last week and instead did a lot of finding. Our teaching pool is pretty slim and that means lots of street contacting and door knocking. I really don't mind street contacting though, and in fact I think it can be fun. We laugh a lot and do our best to be happy even though it can be hot and we talk to a lot of Russians who don't understand any Latvian. Imanta is a pretty Russian area. Knocking so far has been pretty much the same. We knock on the door and just try to see how they are doing and immediately jump into the reason we are here and how we have a message that will help them in their lives. Knocking isn't too bad either, but you never know what people will be wearing or not wearing when they answer the door. So far, I haven't seen anyone naked but it has been close. Yesterday a Russian man opened the door in just a speedo. Yeah, this is interesting work, but it all brings results and we are finding people who are ready to hear this gospel and we are helping their lives to be better. 

So, yesterday was a good day. We had an investigator who is brand new come to church! It was awesome. Here is what I wrote President Boswell about him. :) This week we had a great experience with a new investigator. His name is Haris. We met him on Wednesday on the street and had a great lesson with him. He came and saw the church with us and really liked it. He likes to talk and was happy to have someone who would talk to him. We had a lesson with him on church. We didn't get very far into it because he had a lot of little experiences to share with each question we asked, but he agreed with what we said and agreed to come to church on sunday. he also took a restoration DVD to watch at home. Well, he came to church on Sunday and he loved it!! He was there for all three hours. Lots of people introduced themselves to him and he met President Š (the branch president). He got taught Word of Wisdom in Sunday school, which he seemed fine with. He loved priesthood and several members came and told us that he really paid attention and really enjoyed the lesson. We talked to him afterwards and decided to give him a book of Mormon. Sister N ended up teaching a small lesson on the Book of Mormon and what it is by going through the pictures at the front. When she got to the baptism picture she challenged him to baptism and he said yes!! He hasn't been baptized before and he says he really likes what he has learned so far and would like to continue to learn. He wouldn't commit to a date because he wants to learn more first, but he said when he finds out that this is true he will be baptized!!" So yeah, I have an investigator who wants to be baptized and it is awesome! He is so cool and is so excited to learn about this gospel and he really truly loves to learn and enjoys learning about these things. I'm sad though because he doesn't live in our area and we will be doing a pass off lesson with him this week with the elder's whose area he lives in. It will be good though because we'll still see him every week at church hopefully.
So, that was the most exciting thing that happened this week. Email me questions about things you want to know and I'll start replying to them. I'm not sure what you all want to hear so let me know. 

Anyways, know that I know that this church is true. God loves us and is truly our father in heaven. Pray to him and try to find out if he is there. Ask him if he is and he will answer. You will fill his love and know that he is there and loves you. I hope you all know that I know he is there and I know that I am his daughter. This work is important and I hope you are all doing your best to be a part of it. Strengthen your testimony first and simply try to be an example of someone who is striving to be like Christ. Others will notice your example and missionary opportunities will arise because of it. I love this work and I'm so glad to be in Latvia being entrusted to help god's children learn of this amazing truth.

Much love,
Sister Cloward

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