Thursday, June 13

June 10, 2013

Hello all!
This will be short. I''m sorry. I only have about 20 minutes to write it. :( but all is well for me here in Rīga! :) We stay very busy, my companion and I and we work hard! We have about 8 investigators right now and we have 7 inactive or recent converts we are looking after as well as members that we are meeting with each week. We teach a ton!! But I love it! We got three new investigators this week. I told you a little about Madara, but we also have Inese and Sindija. I love them both already. We also will be picking up two other new investigators hopefully this week if they will come to their appointments.
I want to tell everyone this week a little bit more about my mission and the big things that are mission is working on. In the past our mission has been known as a low baptizing mission, but we are changing that this year. President Boswell and all the missionaries in leadership positions met last year to set a goal for baptisms this year. It as a hard meeting and a lot of things were discussed. In the past year this mission had 90 baptism for all four countries, and that was a high number for this mission. Well, after much discussion and some divine revelation, the number was set at 153. That is a big number! So far this year we are double the number of baptisms they had at this point last year. We currently have 49 baptisms and we have a goal for this month of 28. It is so amazing and humbly to be apart of this change and the amazing missionaries here that are doing it. We are all working harder than we ever have before and are working to find those that are ready for baptism. Me and sister P want to have one of our investigators baptized this transfer. We pray every day and hopefully soon we will. We work hard and want so badly that are investigators could see the eternal significance of our message. Elder Nelson was visiting Russia this past week and talked to President Boswell and he said that everybody (meaning the first presidency and the quorum of the twelve) have been wondering what we are doing over here to have such a huge increase in numbers! It is amazing to me! I am humbled to be apart of this!
Well, I still love love Rīga and I love the members of the branch here! They are awesome and while I still can't understand them, I feel their love and just there pure spirits and testimonies! I feel like I know them already. I'm sure I knew these faithful members and some of my investigators before this life. They knew I would be coming to their homeland and talking to them about the gopsel. Something else I love about our mission that president Boswell told us is that we literally are gathering the lost tribes over Israel over here. He said he was in a meeting with a lot of members who had received patriarchal blessing and he said 6 of the 12 tribes of Israel were represented and none were Ephraim or Menassa. They were all rarer ones! What a great work the Lord has entrusted me to do! I love you all and this will be it for now. I'll try to leave more time for writing next week. :( Sorry it isn't longer. Just know the work is hastening. Heavenly Father knows us, each and everyone of us individually, personally, and perfectly!
Know as well that I love you and that I know this church is true. I also know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is a true book and if we study it and live what it teaches our lives will be blessed exponentially!! I love you all so much!
Ar mīlestību! (With love)
Māsa Klauvarda!

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